Janice Morrow is the Executive Director for the Society of American Indian Dentists.

She grew up in Albuquerque, NM where she aspired to be a television news reporter. She began her career TV news in 1997 and quickly learned her strength was in storytelling for nonprofit organizations.  Moreover, she found a love for American Indian-related causes when she took on the role of community relations manager for Notah Begay, III, the first Native American golfer on the Pro Tour. While working with Begay, she had the opportunity to assist the Albuquerque Area Dental Support Center in promoting the importance of dental care to American Indian patients and parents. Over a 15-year span, she traveled to IHS/Tribal/Urban dental clinics in New Mexico, Southern Colorado and West Texas, as well as the other Dental Support Centers nationwide. Her work garnered several national health awards for dental-related content directed at Native American populations. Her work with the Dental Support Center brought her to SAID. Since 2015, Janice has served four SAID presidents as their Executive Administrator overseeing the administrative functions, programs, membership, fundraising and annual conference responsibilities and continues to do so as the Executive Director.

Janice is married to Cody, a 5th generation New Mexico cattle rancher. Together they are raising their teenage daughter who pursues agricultural hobbies through the 4H and FFA programs. Outside of the workday, you will find the family at the barn with their menagerie of horses, hogs, barn cats, bottle calves, and other livestock.