Dr. Cristin Haase graduated in 2017 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and Masters of Public Health degree from A.T. Still University: Arizona School of Dental & Oral Health (Mesa, AZ). Dr. Haase grew up in the great plains of rural North Dakota and is of Lakota heritage (Cheyenne River Sioux). Dr. Haase currently works in a public health setting, serving the American Indian/Alaska Native population. She is the current President of the Society of American Indian Dentists.

Dr. Haase graduated from the ADA – Institute for Diversity in Leadership in 2021. She was recognized as a “Dreamstarter” by the Running Strong for American Indian Youth Organization (founder: Billy Mills) in 2015 as a dental student, and received the additional honor of being named “Dreamstarter GOLD” in 2020 for organing a Pre-dental Workshop (PAW) program at A.T. Still University. The program is now in its 7th year, and has served over 50 AI/AN pre-dental students, aiming to increase the number of AI/AN dentists in order to improve access to dental care for Indiginous communities.